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Employee Benefits Valuation

Our services are actuarial valuation for the Company’s liability of Employee Benefits in accordance with Indonesian GAAP (PSAK 24), SAK ETAP, IAS 19 (IFRS), FAS 87 (US GAAP) or other accounting standards.

The actuarial valuation is conducting to estimate present value of obligations the Company to pay concerning pension benefit and other defined benefits in accordance with Labor Law No. 13/2003 and employee agreement, company regulation / collective labor agreement that prevail.

The results of the actuarial valuation includes the reconciliation of assets and liabilities that recognized in the Balance Sheet, reconciliation that shows net liabilities (assets) mutation within reporting period, total expenses be recognized in the Income Statement, and the actuarial assumptions used. Our actuarial team is responsible for communicating the results of the actuarial valuation to the Company’s Management and other related parties, such as auditor that requires an explanation to arrange Disclosure of the Company’s Financial Statements.

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